Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services and Their Answers

If you’re looking for a trustworthy interior painter to remodel your house or place of business, look no further. For residential and commercial premises, our talented group of expert painters provides top-notch interior and exterior painting service. On this FAQ page, we address the most often asked inquiries regarding our services, prices, experiences, and other subjects.

Q: What types of painting services do you provide?

A: Numerous painting services are available from us, including commercial painting, interior painting, house professional painters, residential and commercial, exterior painting services, handyman services, carpentry works, all painting contractor services covering both new construction homes and older residences needing updates; as well as commercial painting projects for offices.

Q: Can you guide us from when you are in the painting business?

A: BNPI West Columbia has provided high-quality professional residential painting service for over seven years. Throughout this time, our skilled team at BNPI West Columbia has managed countless successful projects ensuring the utmost satisfaction among our clients.

Q: Which paint type is ideal for floors?

A: Based on the type of flooring, painting contractors will select a floor paint. For instance, latex-based paint is well known for its ability to prevent falls due to its stickiness, and will be used on concrete floors. Oil-based paints are ideal when painting a wooden floor. Another popular paint used on various types of floors is epoxy-based paint. Remember that oil-based paints, durable against foot traffic, nearly invariably fall into the higher VOC group, necessitating adequate ventilation during application and drying.

Q: Does our company have to be closed while being painted?

A: We have the flexibility to operate on nights, weekends, and after office hours to minimize interference with your business activities. If the structure is a commercial office, we can isolate specific areas and complete the job in stages to minimize disturbance while your staff do their daily business.

Q: Is painting for businesses more expensive than painting for homes?

A: Several variables affect a project’s overall cost. The scale of the project, the type of space being painted, the quality of the paint being used, and other factors almost always affect the cost. For instance, if a homeowner demands premium paint for their personal project, the entire cost may be more than if less expensive paint is used in a commercial project.

Q: What makes your business the best choice for my professional painter needs?

A: As expert painters in Cayce, SC with extensive industry experience behind us, we pride ourselves on delivering superior craftsmanship matched by exceptional customer service. To ensure a smooth project flow from start to finish, our company is fully licensed and insured with detailed, workable plans & schedules on every job site.

Q: How do I prepare my home for your painting services?

A: Before starting the job, furniture, and breakables should be removed or covered up to ensure protection. We also recommend removing any wall decorations that may be in the way. Our team can help with this process if needed.

Was our FAQ page helpful? Please let us know if you require expert painting for your residence or if you would like more information about the professionals operating in Cayce, SC and the neighboring areas. We eagerly await your call at (803) 274-3409!

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