The Painting Job That Is Done in an Efficient and Timely Manner

Power Painting Tools Commonly Used by Professional Painters


To achieve professional painting results, it is best that you hire the experts and leave the job to them. Doing this on your own might lead you to costly mistakes and odd-looking establishment. We know how most of the painters do their job, but only a few know the tools they use to get the job done right and in a timely manner. If you want to understand more about the job of professional painters, get to know the tools they use and their functions by staying on this webpage.


Pressurized Paint Sprayer

Every experienced painter must have this powerful tool. It has similarities to a compressor but its only difference is that this tool carries the paint out of the bucket instead of pumping it. This tool is used more often than paint rollers due to the precision and accuracy it provides leaving no traces of overspray.


Quick Reach Spray Pole

Painting the moldings and ceilings is a lot easier for the painting service professionals once they use this tool. Using a ladder is no longer required since the pole comes with a detachable spray gun and valve that is extendable. Because of its detachable features, it can be transferred to another pole without disrupting the painting process.


Stain System

People who are fond of doing DIY wood projects probably know this tool. Professional painters use this tool primarily when painting decks and verandas. The tool’s handle is extendable which avoids back and shoulder spasms giving the experts the convenience of doing the job while standing upright.


Of the many power painting tools, these are the three commonly used ones by licensed painters. BNPI West Columbia is the contractor you can depend on when it comes to impeccable painting services in Cayce, SC. Aside from painting, we also offer handyman services. For your bookings and inquiries, (803) 274-3409 is the number to call.

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